Hi. I’m Izzy, and this is Not Necessarily Trending. This blog is an exploration of… a lot of things. Not necessarily (HA) things that are old or unpopular, but things that grab my interest and that I would like to discuss. These things will probably land in the camps of literature, film, or music, because I fill the majority of my time with literature, film, and music.

As this blog is the fulfillment of a major portion of a class grade, I’ll also be writing about the readings, themes, and events that make up the class. Apart from fulfilling a requirement, I would love to introduce people to things they haven’t read, seen, or listened to before. Particularly listened to. Books and movies can sometimes be more than someone can commit to, but a song that lasts a few minutes can lead someone to a new album, new band, new genre that they never would have come across otherwise.

My thoughts on these things might not be trending, but at the very least, I hope they’re entertaining or engaging.